Last updated: February 25, 2013

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Walk-In Tutoring

Calendar schedule with a pencil lying next to it. Walk-in tutoring provides a free service where you can drop in and receive help in mathematics, science, engineering, and more.  No appointment is necessary.  Students should check the schedule below to determine when tutors are available for the subject in which they need assistance.  If you need tutoring in a class that is not listed on that schedule, please contact the Teaching Center at 392-2010 to determine if tutors in a closely related course may help you.  You may request that a subject be added to the courses we tutor by emailing us at

Walk-in tutoring is available Sunday 6-9pm, Monday & Wednesday open till 5pm and Tuesday & Thursday open till 7pm and Friday from until 4:45pm.  To see when tutoring for a specific subject is offered, click on the current semester's schedule below or the image to the right.  Since the schedule is subject to change, please check the schedule regularly for additions and adjustments.