Last updated: February 25, 2013

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Test Reviews for UF Courses

Test reviews are conducted for several mathematics courses and other courses throughout the term.  Typically, the reviews are scheduled two nights prior to the examination.  Review materials are sometimes published on the Teaching Center website.  Click here for schedules and information about test reviews (new window).

GRE Preparation

Workshops which review the mathematics skills needed for the GRE are conducted Fall, Spring, and Summer B terms.  The two 2-hour workshops cover the major topics covered by the exams. Students interested in additional tutoring may bring their personal GRE review materials and visit us during our walk-in hours available Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.  All sessions are free.  Click here for a schedule of GRE Preparation Workshops (new window).

Systematic Math Review Program

UF students who need assistance with mathematics but are not enrolled in a mathematics course should request help through our Systematic Math Review Program (private appointment).  These students may not have had a mathematics course recently and want to review before enrolling for a math course, or they may want to prepare for the math portion of a standardized test.  The students will be expected to work independently with materials provided by the Teaching Center or materials they provide.

For a basic mathematics review, students will complete a diagnostic placement inventory to determine their specific needs and then complete an individual program which covers math skills identified by the State of Florida as skills needed by all college graduates.  Each student will be given a standing appointment and will work independently with the guidance of a mathematics tutor. A Study Guide for College Level Academic Skills Test in Mathematics published by the State of Florida which covers many of the skills included on the GRE is available for download: Introduction (new window), Arithmetic (new window), Geometry (new window), Algebra (new window), Statistics & Probability (new window), Logic (new window), Glossary (new window).