Last updated: February 25, 2013

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What is the College Entry-Level Placement Test (CPT)/Accuplacer?

Passing the paper-pencil College Entry-Level Placement Test (CPT) or the Accuplacer (the computer version of the CPT) is one method to demonstrate that you have achieved the College Level Academic Skills Requirement (CLASR) for an Associate in Arts or a Baccalaureate degree in Florida's public colleges and universities. (Click here for CLASR details.)

Accuplacer Subtests

The three (3) Accuplacer subtests listed below may be used to show mastery of CLASR. Also, available is a diagnostic test to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses. The diagnostic test may be taken prior to or following the exam.


Subtest # of Questions Time Allotted Passing Score
Reading 20 untimed 93
Sentence Skills 20 untimed 105
Elementary Algebra 12 untimed 91
Diagnostic Test   untimed  

How to Register for the Accuplacer

The cost of testing is $30 for the battery (no matter if one or three subtests are taken). Appointments are made on a first come first served basis and must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Diagnostic tests also cost $30 for the battery and you may register for a diagnostic test in the same manner as for the actual Accuplacer. Fees for the Accuplacer and the diagnostic test will not be refunded; however, a scheduled appointment may be changed 24 hours in advance. Please use this link to pay your testing fee prior to the test date.

Accuplacer Test Dates and Times

There must be a minimum of 30 days between test and re-test for the same subtest. If the same subtest is taken a second time within 30 days, the second score will be invalidated. However, diagnostic tests (no scores recorded) may be taken as often as desired. To arrange for diagnostic testing on the days listed below or on other days that you may arrange, follow the directions for registration above. For further clarification, call the Teaching Center testing coordinator at 392-2010.


Date Time Place



CPT practice materials (Bunker Hill Community College, MS)
CPT practice materials--Math (Palm Beach State College, FL)
CPT Practice materials (Seminole State College, FL)
CPT practice materials (Southwestern Community College, NC)
Sample Questions